Violeta Borisonik

Violeta Borisonik was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 1987 she received a degree in Architecture from de University of Buenos Aires. From 1977 to 1979 she studied Visual Arts at the National School of Fine Arts.

She took an interest in art at an early age. As a teenager she attended workshops of drawing, ceramics, soldering and enameling on metals. Of great impact in her career were all the years she spent at the Atelier of the sculptor Antonio D’Aniello in Argentina.

She moves to Canada in 1989. She gets in touch with the artistic community through the Ottawa School of Art. She takes courses in ceramics with Peruvian artist Maria Noriega and sculpture with John Sadler. In 1992 she gets a degree in Visual Arts from the Ottawa School of Art. She is awarded the Mac Donald Club Scholarship.

Violeta is nowadays working in her studio at home. She is exploring the urban landscape of the big cities. Her compositions are read through texture. Collage with paper, metal, fibers and found objects enhance the richness of her works.

Violeta has exhibited at Ottawa City Hall, Ottawa School of Art, Atrium Gallery and L’Imagier Gallery among others. Some of her works are in private collections.

 Rojo II, Mixed Media, 40"x32"

Mapalé, Mixed Media, 2005