Silvia D'Onofrio


Originally from Italy, I came to Canada in 1999 to learn English and study at Carleton University.  I have been living in Ottawa ever since. I love Canada and the inspiration it offers with its still almost untouched natural spaces, the best for nurturing the soul of an artist. I have always felt the inner need to draw, paint and sculpt whenever I could.

I could not nurture this passion until I came here. My works’ gain form and shape as I start drawing or painting according to the feelings of the moment. They come from inside and may resemble a place or someone I have seen. It is not the subject but the life of the idea and the emotions that it invokes that is important to me. I prepare my colors from the primary with the hues slightly different in each piece, because each one of them has a diverse essence and meaning. Sometimes, the color is thick, rich and bright, sometimes it is thin and light, merging softly with its variations. I participated in "Art in the Park" in 2004, 2005 and in 2006. In October 2006 my paintings were exhibited at Starbucks in the Glebe. In the past, in Italy I have taken part in and also won some national drawing competitions. I paint for the love of it and I look forward to the reactions and feelings that people express about my works, whether positive or not.

From the window of the soul
Oil on canvas , 24”x 36”. Summer 2006

Oil on canvas , 14”x 18”. Winter 2006-07