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Coro Gingerbread dirigido por GOYO

This new choir had its first rehearsal in September, 2004.  A relative BABY in the Ottawa Choir scene, it is having very enjoyable second year.  The Gingerbread Choir is open to all 7-9 year-olds, and at the moment has 25 very active and enthusiastic members.  Their mandates are Community Outreach, and singing in different languages - English, French and Spanish, being their mainstays. Greg  MacIntosh -- “GOYO” -- is the choir director.

Goyo is a Music / Drama Specialist in the Public Elementary School System, in Ottawa , Ontario , C anada (

Singers: Moira Acacia, Quita Holm, Sarah Acacia, Tate Holm, Sebastian Acacia, Mano Hooper, Sofia Alpizar, Kloë Kinsman, Catherine Armour, Eden Libant, Alicia Asp-Chief, Ryan Pepper, Lindsay Ballard, Francisca Rolleston Fuentes, Adrienne Brunet, Elli Slavitch, Olivia Ellis, Rebecca Wang, Hazel Forbes, Ariane Wilson, Iris MaGill and Laurel Gregan.

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