Ottawa. ART BY ARCHITECTS. May 10th - 17th, 2006 17. Cube Gallery

Photos by Clara Alfaro - Mapalé

From left to right: Silvia Alfaro, Yves Gosselin, Dipna Horra, Caohang Han, Elaine DeCoursey, Honorata Pienkowska-Roseman, Peter Dolan, James Chapman, Sandra Iskander, Herb Otto, Chris Leggett, Jason Grant-Henley and Katie Chau.

Katie Chau, architect and visual artist. Katie organized this exhibition.

Ana María Salvetti and Evgeni Voutchkov

Yves Gosselin, Director of Architecture and Engineering Resources for Public Works and President of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada; Don Monet, Curator Cube Gallery; and Silvia Alfaro, Architect, photographer and publisher of Mapalé Artes y Letras magazine.

Alex Munter and friends

Ottawa. ART BY ARCHITECTS. May 10th - 17th, 2006 17. Cube Gallery.

Great artists (who just happen to be working architects) - show examples of their fine art work. Artists featured in "ART BY ARCHITECTS" are: Silvia Alfaro, Manuel Baez, Rod Borghese, James Chapman, Katie Chau, Elaine Decoursey, Peter Dolan, Yves Gosselin, Caohan Hang, Jason Grant-Henley, Dipna Horra, Sandra Iskandar, Stuart Kinmond, Chris Leggett, Herb Otto, Honorata Pienkowska-Roseman and Arturo Samper-Salazar.
Reception: Saturday May 13th, 2006 at noon - 1:30 pm. See Cube Gallery

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