Cristian S. Aluas

Cristian S. Aluas (or CSA) is an Artist living and working in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Cristian has always been an artist and has been selling artwork since arriving into Canada at the age of nine. He attended the prestigious Canterbury Arts High School, majoring in Visual Arts. He was accepted into the Algonquin College Animation-Television Program and graduated with a Diploma. After College, CSA spent two years studying Painting at Concordia University in Montreal. CSA has always excelled in Life Drawing. In 2001, he came back to Ottawa to pursue a career as a professional artist. Over the past few years, CSA has produced numerous art exhibits, has published books and CDs, has done graphic design, has promoted other artists, has conducted art lessons, and has sold paintings and sculptures to a variety of clients and companies.

Black Face, Oil on Canvas, 16"x20",

Cartoon Ad Design

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