Margarita Alex Flores

A Mexican-born independent visual artist and film-maker,  Alex has worked in a variety of mediums: acrylics, wood, mosaics, and recyclable objects.

After graduating as a teacher in 1988 in Mexico City, Alex moved to San Francisco in 1989, where she learned carpentry. Her furniture design has been exhibited in Texas, San Francisco and Mexico City.

Alex moved to Toronto in the spring of 2001. In 2003 she created the Gatuna Film & Video Collective, a group of Hispanics that teach & produce films based on social and cultural issues. She is the Artistic Director of Gatuna Film & Video Collective, where she writes, directs and edit.

She also teaches workshops on movie production. Her films and videos has been shown in international film festivals in Toronto,  the United States, Europe, Mexico and Asia.

Her paintings have been exhibited in Toronto and have been featured on magazine cover pages.Alex remains a Latin American Eco-feminist and social justice activist to the core.


Ritual, Acrylic on Canvas 24" x 30"

My City, Acrylic on Canvas 12" x 10"